March 2017


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Bwana – Three Way Is The Hard Way + Avalon Emerson Remix What more could you want from life than a Dusky, Bwana, Avalon Emerson three way?... It's a rhetorical question, so no answers on a postcode please! Of course our point is that Bwana - Three Way Is The Hard Way is being released on Dusky's 17 Steps imprint with Avalon Emerson providing the EP's remix. As collaborations go we're particularly eager for this one to hit the sweet spot, as Dusky are an act we have supported since 2012's Flo Jam EP. Whilst both Bwana and Avalon Emerson plumped our pillows in 2016 with their frothy, Capsule's Pride, Generation Nostalgia, Frontier and Glider ... Read more / Preview track

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Ryan Adams – Shiver and Shake comforting yet heartbreaking! A few weeks back in our article Song Writing - Inspiration, Handwork or Luck? we discussed how music can often transport us from our current surroundings, and when needed connect with us on a deeper emotional level. Whether we like to admit it or not we all have these songs in our lives. Be it Linkin Park when we're angry or Adele when we're sad. For us Ryan Adams - Shiver and Shake is another such song. A song that for us ranks it alongside the likes of Foals - Late Night, Sampha - No One Knows Me Like the Piano, and Bon Iver - Holocene. Ultimately Shiver and Shake is a record for ... Read more / Preview track

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BBB Interview Phil Kieran feat. Roman Flugel & Andrew Weatherall Phil Kieran is one of those names that is synonymous with dance culture. Much like Kelly Slater is to Surfing, Madge Bishop to Neighbours and Donald Trump to Russia! Hopefully our IP address hasn't been tapped after that last comparison. Comparison's aside, since the year 2000 Phil Kieran has, as Erol Alkan would put it, kept the kids dancing. And last year he was back with his third full length LP - Blinded By The Sun, released via Jamie Jones imprint. The LP has since acquired two bang on remixes by two further legends of dance culture, Roman Flugel & Andrew Weatherall. With these ... Read more / Preview track